September 2009

James buys a replacement for Ermintrude, Frieda a desktop this time, from a friend who is downsizing his business. Time is needed to get rid of a virus which Frieda caught while unprotected in the interval between her previous owner’s Kaspersky being operational and James getting his Kaspersky installed. Ermintrude’s memory is transplanted but none of the programmes which were installed, leaving James bereft of chunks of his backgound information – Ermintrude was on Windows 2000, Frieda uses XP and there are compatibility issues.
This is the month of the move from Tivat to Risan, carried out mainly by our carrying our belongings down from the third floor of the apartment block to the car and from there to the floor of the new abode, fortunately downhill. We get a few hours help from a contact with a Transit van for the heavy furniture, and make the deadline of vacating the Tivat place by 30 September with a day to spare. That move is combined with our new landlord getting some essential (to us anyway) work done to make the place habitable for more than a holiday let. Like having hot water in the kitchen area to wash up, extra power sockets in the living area, and other such. Dragan, the electrician who does most of the work, is an excellent tradesman; drilling through half-metre stone walls is no easy task.
Consequence of all of this is that we have almost no time for anything much else.