August and September 2010

We spent much of this period travelling to, being in, and returning from UK and Germany. UK most importantly to see children and grandchildren, but also to sort out our UK abodes and deal with the usual plethora of lawyers, accountants, bankers &c. Germany also to see children and grandchildren and spend time just being parents/ grandparents. Those with grandchildren will know that this can be somewhat exhausting when faced with rumbustious small persons intent on wreaking havoc. We also exchanged our gas-guzzling American Ford Explorer for a less thirsty diesel Hyundai Terracan – the successor to our faithful Galloper.
Back in Risan, we are in time to harvest the grapes from our vines on the plot – they must be 25 years old now. Enough both to make 12kg of jam and about 40 litres of wine. James’ experience as a brewer comes in useful, although the equipment and techniques are somewhat different.