Build – 12th Week, 15 Apr to 21 Apr 2013

The main excitement this week is that the windows are installed on 18th. An all-day job by VH-Montenegro, and very efficiently done. I had read an article recently about air-tightness in fitting windows and VH are well able to fit the tape required.  So at last the house is closed.

It is mainly a ‘wall’ week. A boundary wall is formed along the north side. It is low, designed to allow us to have a fence or lattice-work on top of it, against which we can grow plants. Some stonework for small walls up the entrance steps, which make the place look nicer. We had asked Vasko to make sure the garage is finished so that we can store all our belongings and furniture there. The inside of the garage is rendered with the main coat of mortar – well, most of it. Some parts are finished, but there are still two walls remaining.

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