Build – 6th Week; 04 Mar to 10 Mar 2013

Saturday 09: Damp, mild and work starts on the walls for the upper floor. Also the last internal wall in the lower level, between the storeroom and the technical room. We decide not to have a door between the two, and buy some glass bricks to provide some natural light into the storeroom.

Friday 08: Forecast was correct – still pouring!

Thursday 07: Pouring with rain all day – forecast no different.

Wednesday 06: Great excitement as we are called over to insert the traditional piece of gold into the structure of the house. We do this at the base of the central column at first floor level just as pouring for the slab is finishing.

Tuesday 05: Rebar going into place for the first floor level. Anke plants a magnolia at the entrance to the steps and we move the first items across from the stone house (plants!).

Monday 04: Shuttering and rebar going up for the first floor slab.

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