October 2009

We are more or less back to normal at last. A major event is attending the Conference on Climate Change and Sustainable Development for the Mediterranean Region and Southern Eastern Europe organised by the Montenegrin Ministry for Spatial Planning and Environment jointly with the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea. A fascinating 2 days, also extremely useful for us in terms of contacts and keeping our project in the public eye.
Among other activities, we make time to pick most of the grapes from the vines we have been tending carefully throughout the year. Anke does a marvellous job and produces about 10kg of delicious grape jam. One interesting aspect is that one cannot buy pectin powder anywhere here. We have enough left over from Skopje to manage – otherwise it means using double the amount of sugar making the result far too sweet. James had hoped he might be able to make rakija, but the complications and lack of sufficient grapes make this unrealistic.