June 2012

No progress on the house during the early part of the month, but Vasko is finishing off a major reconstruction of an old stone palace in Perast for a Russian client, which is scheduled to be handed over by 17 June. Work started in early January and the Russian had previously thought it would take at least a year – not with Vasko who seems to work 24 hours, 7 days a week. We get the final plans from Elisabeth in the middle of June so Vasko can start on the rest of the details – statics, electrical, water &c – which are needed to get building permission. He is aiming to make a start on construction once the summer moratorium on building ends in the middle of August. The moratorium is an annual ban during the peak tourist season; it’s too hot anyway.

We set off for our annual visit to UK a week after this excitement, hoping that Vasko will have something to show us on our return in early July.