Build – 11th Week; 08 to 14 April 2013

We have to go on a business trip to Istria, which takes up almost all week. The HVAC company, Ening, installs the main pipework (inside and outside) and electrical connections. The railing on the upper balcony is erected. Interior walls in the garage and technical room receive their preliminary coat of mortar.

I have a row with Vasko over checking the measurements for the windows and doors. VH-Montenegro wants to make sure that the sizes are correct before starting production – a very reasonable request. I consider this to be something for Vasko, as the overall builder. He insists that I deal with VH, with whom we have the contract not him. I feel that this is because we turned down the tender from his window supplier in Kotor, who quoted twice the amount offered by VH. VH’s people turn up the day before we set off for Croatia, and in the end it is just as well I am there, as there are a number of detailed points about which I am able to make decisions.

On our return, we see a number of small additions, one being a tiled cover over the front door. Another is a stone wall making an additional terrace at the entrance steps.

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