What we’re looking for

This page summarises the things we’re currently looking for. It also will give links to sources we’ve found which can help us.

‘Le Beton’
We were concerned about how to dispose of the reinforced concrete. As we will be keeping much of the existing structure, this is now not a serious problem.

Ventilation/ Heating/ Cooling
The PHPP calculations show that we do not need mechanical ventilation as we can safely open windows! It is not straightforward to find information on how a natural system can be controlled; in winter pre-heating in-coming air; in summer pre-cooling/dehumidifying incoming air.
From discussions with Paul Engineering, a mechanical ventilation system can only provide fresh air; it canot cope with the cooling load needed for summer.
Under-floor heating; under-ceiling cooling – we decide against electric systems for electricity consumption and therefore cost reasons. Water based systems need careful installation (to prevent future leaks) and seem to be expensive compared to systems which heat or cool the internal air. One possibility is to use air-to-water heat pumps, which can deliver witer hot or cold water.
Domestic hot water systems must be linked to solar
We have decided against Kachelofen or similar stoves because of the problem of storing fuel and the associated dust and ash disposal.

Water-heating panel suppliers – linked to domestic hot water and space heating
PV is not yet cost-effective as we have main grid connection. We will build in wiring runs so that we can install panels in the future.

Water Storage and Recycling
Systems linking rain-water harvesting with domestic hot water
Ditto for grey water recycling

Aerated concrete is not recommended in our area withits high humidity, so bricks are the best option.
Insulation: mineral wool; is recommended by our Austrian architect.