Build – 13th to 18th Weeks, 22 Apr to 02 Jun 2013

The main excitement on 23 April is the installation of the garage door. The remote cannot work yet, as the garage has no electricity. But at least we can store stuff there, even though the insides are not yet finished.

Nothing significant happens from now on, as all the men disappear for the May Day holiday which is followed by Orthodox Easter on 5th May. There is a major ‘slava’ day on 6th – St George’s Day – which means that little gets done in the whole country for a week. The next public holiday is Tuesday 21st, Independence Day, so many people take much of May off!

We have been trying to get Vasko to give us revised costs to complete the build to the stage where we can get the ‘fit-for-use’ inspection, but for some reason he continually fails to produce the promised Bill of Quantities.

We had promised our landlord Goran to leave the stone house where we have lived for nearly 4 years by the end of May, so he could have it for summer rents. We managed to get the electrician to connect to the garage and storeroom area so at least we have electricity for the refrigerator and deep freeze, and could move them along with everything else into the space. (Also means that the garage door remote works!) We are now ‘camping’ in a summer apartment of a lovely neighbour opposite the house, so can walk across their garden over the road and straight onto our site.

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